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The mission of the FMAudit User Group is to facilitate communication between FMAudit and its users in order to assist FMAudit in prioritization and understanding of customer needs. We understand that providing oversight for the product development as it pertains to all customers (dealer community) of all sizes is necessary in order to establish best practices and drive the direction and priority of updates and changes.


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Membership / The FMAUG Membership Program

Membership of the FMAudit User Group is a yearly subscription for your entire company. Memberships are for a term of one year and give you access to our member only monthly meetings. Along with a membership you also get access to other content within our website. This extra content includes; past recorded meetings, member forums and best practice documentation. All company memberships must be in good standing with FMAudit.


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FMAUG holds three types of meetings; Quarterly meetings with FMAudit that are available to non-members and members, Monthly meetings only for members and live meetings at the E-Automate User Group (EUG) and ECi Connect Conference.

The following meetings are scheduled for the 2016 year:

Event locations /

FMAUG meetings are held in three locations. Monthly and quarterly meetings are held online via webinars. Live meetings are held in April and November. These live meetings are held in Salt Lake City for the E-Automate User Group 2017 and New Orleans for the ECi Connect Conference November 2017. Online webinar invitations are sent at the beginning of each month and held on the third Wednesday of each month except for the live meeting months and we do not meet in December.

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The FMAUG is governed by a board of directors,  consisting of six Directors elected by the FMAUG membership. Elected Directors serve for a term of one year and may be reappointed.

The President of the FMAUG is elected by the Board of Directors for a one-year term, and may serve at most three terms as President. The remaining Officers of the Board are nominated by the members and approved by the Board, and consist of the following:

Dustin Wandtke


Jessica Hansen


Greg Lowell


Adam Anderson

FMAudit Liaison

The current objective of the FMAudit User Group is to organize and establish a strong foundation of members that utilize the FMAudit software for Manage Print Service activities.  The first activities planned for the group will be centered around a major release of the software in Q1 of 2014.

As FMAudit continues to expand its product via developments and updates, and as the members of this user group expands and evolves, the board will continue to review the scope of the FMAUG and to propose changes in structure and governance that reflect the changing nature of the product and it’s organization.

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Currently any copier/mps dealership in good standing can become a member. The cost is $200 per year for unlimited number of members from the dealership.
FMaudit User Group has three levels of sponsorship. Our platinum level is limited to five spots and includes a talk at our live ECi Connect Connect conference, one of our member only monthly webinars, highlight in one of our newsletters. Our Gold level sponsorship includes a brief highlight and overview during a monthly meeting webinar including a Q & A discussion. The Silver Level includes a mention of sponsorship during our quarterly meeting. All levels include an image and paragraph on our website and an image in our monthly newsletters. Please contact us for pricing on sponsorship!
The FMAUG holds meetings each month except for December. Our Quarterly meeting (February, May, August and November) are for both members and non-members. They are held with FMAudit and are focused around product update and new product release. Our monthly meeting between the quarterly meetings are for FMAUG members only and geared around best practices and troubleshooting. We will include meetings from sponsors and manufacturers. Our monthly meetings will contain roundtable session at the end of each meeting. All Meetings are recorded and hosted in our member only area of the FMAUG.com site.

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Central v4.0 Updates. How to deal with large customer networks. ASM for Supplies and Service. Customer Adoption Techniques.

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FMAudit Roadmap 2017/2018

On February 22nd FMAudit present their roadmap to the user group. We hope you were part of this webinar as everyone got to see for the first time where FMAudit is planing to take their product. We were happy to hear of the

ECi Connect 2017

The FMAudit User Group will be holding our annual public user meeting at the 2017 ECi Connect Conference in New Orleans. We are holding a room on November 2nd from 9AM to noon. If you are planing on attending the ECi Connect Conference, make

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